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A4 Dedicated Wireless Portable Printer
A4 Dedicated Wireless Portable Printer
A4 Dedicated Wireless Portable Printer
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A4 Dedicated Wireless Portable Printer
A4 Dedicated Wireless Portable Printer
A4 Dedicated Wireless Portable Printer
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A4 Dedicated Wireless Portable Printer

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The printer is one of the essential tools for work.

However, ordinary printers are large, heavy, and inconvenient to carry.

"I want to print materials and reports!" often appear when we are out, right?

Therefore, we launched the next generation of wireless portable printer "Printer"!



No matter where you work, you can use the "Printer" anytime, anywhere.

You can print the materials you need without having to line up at work or in convenience stores, so you can maintain work efficiency and social distancing.



It applies to

Easy-to-print children's textbooks and own learning materials



Help work from home

The "Printer" is designed to be very easy to use. You can easily print from smartphones and laptops with just a few operations.


Formal contract signing at any time

So far, printing has been troublesome. Connecting to the code, downloading the software and printing it requires many steps.

Say goodbye to such complicated steps. The "HPRT printer" is connected via Bluetooth. Printing becomes very easy!

Printed version of meeting proposal

You no longer need to hold boring meetings to rewrite contracts.

Using the "Printer", you can edit, modify and print the contract on-site during a meeting.

Not only will your contract go smoother than ever, but you can also meet anywhere, including restaurants, coffee shops and hotel lounges.


Work out

Even if you want to design drawings and materials (such as DIY) at work, you can easily print them immediately.



Can print continuously

The HPRT printer is equipped with a powerful paper capture function.

Start printing by loading the copy paper into the paper inlet. The paper is straightened without slipping.



300 DPI high resolution

Documents and other materials can be reproduced clearly in every detail.

Whether you are printing at home, in a cafe or outdoors, you can enjoy high-quality printing!


Printer A4 Portable

Solusi pencetakan cerdas HPRT

Cetak kapan pun dan di mana pun


Dedicated APP

"HPRT Printer" can be connected not only to a computer, but also to a smartphone! You can easily set it up using a dedicated app.


Bluetooth connection

Connect to the printer via Bluetooth, you can print with one click.


Operasi Sederhana

Tekan tombol power selama 3 detik, power on, lampu biru menyala.

Catatan: Tekan lama tombol daya selama beberapa detik untuk mematikan printer saat dihidupkan.


Large capacity battery

"HPRT printer" is equipped with a large-capacity battery to extend battery life.

If you use it in combination with a portable battery, you can print for a longer time.


Pengisian Kabel Tipe-C

Hubungkan kabel Type-C dengan printer dan komputer Anda secara langsung, tanpa membutuhkan adaptor.


Pencetakan Seluler

Printer portabel mini membuat pencetakan lebih mudah dan nyaman Pencetakan nirkabel sangat cocok untuk perjalanan, kantor rumah, kantor bergerak, dll

Lightweight and easy to carry

The weight of the printer is only 694g (not including ribbon) / 766g (including ribbon), which is easy to carry with you, so you can print documents on the job!